You're looking for a new vehicle, you've found the right dealership, but now it's time for the dreaded test drive. Many people find this in particular to be one of the most stressful parts of the car-buying process, but it is perhaps also the most important aspect. Not only is this your chance to get a feel for what this vehicle can give you, it's also a real opportunity to learn more about what the vehicle offers. How are the brakes? Do you like the interior? Is there enough standard technology? These are questions that should all be addressed when it comes to the test drive, and we're here to give you a good rundown of things to do when test driving a new car.

Take it all in: You've arrived at your scheduled time, and the vehicle you've spent weeks looking at is finally in front of you in person. Does the color look how you imagined? Is there anything about the exterior that you don't like? Now is the perfect time to make any last minute changes when it comes to these things. Once you've started to check out the interior, make sure there is space for things like child seats and luggage space. If you have a child seat, try fitting it in. These are everyday needs that you need to make sure are addressed.

Get comfortable: Now it's time to get inside the vehicle, and if you're someone who is on the taller side of things, you might want to make sure that entering the vehicle is easy. This can be a make or break sort of thing if even the act of getting into your seat is a hassle. You'll also want to get comfortable, change the seating position, move around the steering wheel, and adjust the mirrors.

Test the technology: You can start your drive, but make sure that you're checking out all of the technology that is available. Pair your phone with Bluetooth, test out the infotainment system, utilize the backup camera, and make sure to try out any other major features that are available. For some, this might be their first time using a backup camera, and it's important to get confident with these kinds of features. This is especially true if you've been looking for a new car that carries these features as standard.

Get to driving: Whether you've just turned onto North Dupont Highway, or you're on a back road traveling by a local strip mall, now is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for how the vehicle drives. Does the vehicle perform well going up hills? Does it downshift smoothly? Another major thing to look out for is the braking. Check to see if the brakes feel like they're grabbing, or how the pedal itself feels. Make sure to listen for any engine noises, and figure out just how quiet the cabin is. Lastly, how responsive is the steering? Is the ride comfortable? Once you've answered these questions, you've obtained a better image of what driving the vehicle every day will be like.

Here at Winner Subaru, we have a long list of new vehicles that we hope you'll test drive! From the 2019 Subaru Legacy to the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek, we know that our inventory will impress. Stop into our dealership today, take advantage of our great deals, and let us help you get behind the of the vehicle of your dreams!

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