Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is key to keeping it prime operating condition. Your local Winner Subaru wants to make this process as hassle-free as possible for you, and we're proud to serve our drivers in the Dover, Delaware, region in any way we can. To that end, we're happy to provide this 2017 Subaru Legacy maintenance schedule to help you stay on track and get the most out of your Subaru.

First Round of Maintenance: Six Months or 6,000 Miles

Hopefully, your first six months with your new 2017 Subaru Legacy have been swell and you've had some quality time to get to know one another. At this point-or after your car reaches 6,000 miles, whichever comes first-it's time for your first maintenance check. This involves the following procedures:

-       Replace your engine oil and filter. However, if you've been driving in more severe conditions, you should replace your oil and filter once you reach 3,000 miles or have had your car for three months, whichever happens first.

-       Rotate your tires.

These services should be performed every six months or 6,000 miles from here on out. If your driving conditions are severe, you should also inspect your steering and brake system at this point. Otherwise, this can wait until the next round of maintenance. Keep an eye on your tires during this time as well. If you see that the tread wear indicator looks like a solid band across the tread, or if the tread depth is .063" (1.6mm) or less, you should have your tires changed.

Second Round of Maintenance: 12 Months or 12,000 Miles

Now that you've had your Subaru for a year or have driven it 12,000 miles, it's time for maintenance check number two. Along with rotating your tires and changing the engine oil and filter, you'll need to do these additional maintenance procedures:

-       Replace the cabin air filter. Those of you driving in dustier regions will likely need to replace this air filter sooner.

-       Inspect the suspension and steering.

-       Inspect the clutch operation.

-       Inspect the brake linings and pads, axle half shaft, front and rear axle boots, CV joints, and parking brake.

Third Round of Maintenance: 30 Months or 30,000 Miles

When you've had your vehicle for 30 months or have driven it 30,000 miles, whichever comes first, it's time for your third maintenance check. Along with changing the engine oil and filter and rotating your tires, this round of maintenance includes:

-       Replacing the clutch fluid, if your vehicle is a manual transmission model.

-       Replacing the brake fluid. However, you should replace both the brake fluid and the clutch fluid sooner if you drive in mountainous regions or areas high in humidity.

-       Inspecting the transmission oil. Under severe driving conditions, you should inspect and even replace your transmission oil sooner than this.

-       Replacing the engine air filter. Like the cabin air filter, your engine air filter will need replacing sooner if your driving conditions are more severe.

-       Inspecting the fuel system and its lines and connections.

-       Inspecting the cooling system along with the radiator and hoses.

-       Inspecting the accessory drive belt.

Contact Your Local Winner Subaru Service Center

Our professional and experienced technicians here at Winner Subaru take pride in caring for your vehicle. Next time your 2017 Subaru Legacy is due for a maintenance check, contact our Service Center to schedule an appointment!

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