Subaru Forester Dashboard Symbols

The 2018 Subaru Forester is a reliable SUV that gives you great performance. But every car needs maintenance from time to time if its going to keep running at its best. The lights on your dashboard are designed to tell you what your car needs, but which ones mean there's a problem and which ones just let you know that something is working?

Winner Subaru put together this 2018 Subaru Forester dashboard symbols guide to help drivers in Middletown, Odessa, and Dover know what to do when these lights come on.

Difference Between Indicator Lights & Warning Lights

Knowing the differences between indicator lights and warning lights is both important and easy. Indicator lights are usually blue or green and only appear when a system or feature is working. This can be either something you've activated or a mode that's reacting to your driving conditions.

Warning lights are more serious. They signal a problem or malfunction with a part, system, or feature. They appear as either red or orange.

Indicator Lights

  • Cruise Control Indicator Light: This light looks like your speedometer. It comes on whenever you engage cruise control and turns off whenever you tap the brake or manually turn off cruise control.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control Indicator Light: If your car loses traction and detects any wheels slipping, it will turn on the Vehicle Dynamics Control to help you maintain stability and stay on your desired path. The light for this looks like a car driving on squiggly lines. Once this feature is no longer needed, the light turns off.
  • X-mode Indicator Light: This light looks like a side view of your Forester driving over a bumpy road. You'll see it come on every time you activate your X-mode feature for better traction and grip through tough terrain. It will turn off as soon as you disengage it.

Warning Lights

  • Oil Pressure/Oil Level Warning Light: This light looks like an old timey oil can with a single oil drop coming out of its spout. This is to let you know that you need an oil change. Since it's routine maintenance, you shouldn't be alarmed but you should schedule service as soon as possible.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning Light: This warning light looks like an exclamation mark, inside parentheses, and underlined (!). You should find a safe place to pull over as soon as possible if your tire pressure is low. Either call for a tow truck or slowly drive to a Subaru service center if you're nearby.
  • ABS Warning Light: This light will either display just the letters ABS or show them inside a circle with some parentheses. It means that there's been a malfunction with your anti-lock braking system. You'll still be able to stop with your regular brakes, but you should get these fixed immediately.
  • Brake System Warning Light: When you see a light that says BRAKE or shows an exclamation mark inside a circle inside some parentheses, that is a much more serious brake issue. This means your whole brake system has a problem. It is not safe to continue driving your car. Stop your car safely and call for a tow truck right away.
  • Power Steering Warning Light: A light with a picture of a steering wheel and an exclamation mark to the right means that there's been a malfunction with your power steering system. This is another where it is not safe to continue driving if you see this because you won't be able to control the car like you normally could.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning Light: If you see a light come on that looks like a thermometer in the middle of some squiggly lines, that means there's a problem with your coolant levels. This could become serious if you ignore it so it's best to drive slowly to a service center.

Subaru Service Center

At Winner Subaru we have a full-service center for Subaru drivers in Middletown, Odessa, and Dover. To learn more about this 2018 Subaru Forester dashboard symbols guide, contact us or schedule service online to get any warning lights taken care of.

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