Spend Your St. Patty’s Day at the Best Pubs in Lewes DE

Any other day of the week, heading to your local sports bar for a beer would be perfectly suitable. On St. Patrick's Day, your cold brew is more than just a beverage-it's a tradition. To honor that tradition, you need to treat yourself to a better bar experience.

In Lewes, DE, there are plenty of exceptional pubs to choose from. At Winner Subaru, we have three favorites that we know are a cut…

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Your Guide to the 26th Annual Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival

On the long list of life's simple joys, many would rank chocolate near the top. No matter what kind of mood you're in or what kind of day you're having, a decadent piece of chocolate can only make things better. This is one of the reasons why every year the Harry K. Foundation hosts the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. After an afternoon of tasting the finest chocolates the area has to offer…

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10 Ways to Tell You’re Born & Raised in Delaware

Hailing from the first state gives you bragging rights, no matter where you are. When you meet out-of-staters, you may feel like you’re misunderstood. Regardless, you don’t have to explain yourself because you’re from Delaware! And here’s ten ways to tell that you were born and raised in Delaware.

1. Driving Across the State is No Big Deal

Did you know it takes less than a half hour to drive across…

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