Subaru Outback Warning Light Guide

Have you ever experienced a dashboard light popping on in your Subaru Outback while you're out on the road throughout the Dover, Middletown, and Odessa areas? It's never a great feeling when your vehicle is telling you there's something wrong. The good news is, some lights aren't harbingers of doom; some are just simple reminders.

 To give you a better idea of the dashboard lights in your 2017 Subaru Outback, we'll explain what they mean. In our dashboard light guide, we'll show you the differences between indicator lights and warning lights. We'll show what these lights indicate, and we'll let you know what you should do if one appears while you're out on the road.

Differences between Indicator Lights and Warning Lights

You'll notice all your dashboard lights pop on when you turn on the engine. These lights will appear briefly, then go away. If a light appears when you're actively driving, you should take heed of what the light is saying.

Your dashboard features two sets of lights: indicator lights and warning lights. Indicator lights are just reminding you of a system that you've activated. Warning lights, on the other hand, let you know of a malfunctioning component. If the light is flashing, it means you need to take immediate measures to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Subaru Outback Indicator Lights

  • Door Open Indicator: If you haven't shut your door all the way, this light will appear to remind you. When you've stopped, you can make sure the door closes so the light goes away.
  • Electronic Parking Brake Indicator: This light will appear to remind you that your electronic parking brake is on. Before driving, be sure to disengage this brake.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control Operation Indicator Light: Your Vehicle Dynamics Control system activates when one of your wheel slips. This light simply means that this system has activated, and it's actively keeping your vehicle in control until it regains traction.
  • Front Passenger Seatbelt OFF Indicator Light: This light will appear when your front seat is empty. It simply means that the airbag won't deploy because the seat is unoccupied.

Subaru Outback Warning Lights

  • Charge Warning Light: If your charging system isn't functioning properly, this light appears to warn you. It's advised that you pull over to safety and check the alternator belt. If the belt is broken, you should contact your Subaru dealer.
  • Oil Pressure Warning Light: If this light appears when you're out on the road, you should pull over and check your oil levels. If it's low, add oil to the system. If the oil level is at its appropriate level, and the light continues to stay on, contact your Subaru dealer immediately. Continuing to drive could cause further damage to your vehicle.
  • Power Steering Warning Light: When your power steering system is malfunctioning, this light will pop on. In this instance, you should pull over to safety and immediately contact your Subaru dealer. If you continue to drive, maneuvering your vehicle will become increasingly difficult.
  • Brake System Warning Light: This light will appear when there's an issue with your brake system. It could be low brake fluid, or a mechanical error. It's advised that you pull over to safety and make arrangements with your Subaru dealer.

By learning about indicator lights and warning lights, you know which ones to look out for. You learned what those lights mean, so you'll be prepared when they appear when you're out on the roads throughout the Dover, Middletown, and Odessa areas.

Want to learn more about the dashboard lights in your 2017 Subaru Outback? Contact us at Winner Subaru.


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