Subaru Impreza Dashboard Symbols


The key to vehicle longevity is proper maintenance and care. But some engine malfunctions simply can't be predicted or avoided. To nip them in the bud, you'll have to pay special attention to your dashboard lights. And to help customers in the Middletown, Odessa, and Dover areas decipher those important indicator symbols, our team at Winner Subaru have put together this helpful Subaru Impreza dashboard symbols guide.

While many warning lights vary from vehicle to vehicle, most are relatively similar. Here, we'll focus on the lights found in the 2017 Subaru Impreza.

Red Lights

When you first turn on your Impreza, the vehicle will perform a regular systems check, causing your lights to temporarily illuminate. If everything is functioning properly, these lights will turn off after a few seconds. However, those that stay on can indicate serious problems.

Your red lights are those that require immediate attention. Learn to identify them to prevent bigger problems from developing.

  • SRS Airbag System Warning Light: This light will appear as a seated passenger with a deployed airbag over the commuter. If it blinks or illuminates steadily, it could indicate either an SRS failure, or an error in safety belt pretensioners. Call your Subaru dealer immediately for service.
  • Security Indicator Light: Depicted as a car with a lock over it, this light indicates the status of your vehicle's alarm system. If it doesn't illuminate at engine start, your security system may be disabled. Have your vehicle examined right away.
  • Seatbelt Warning Lights: These lights look like passengers wearing seatbelts. There's one for both the driver and front passenger. The light will turn on or chime if you're not wearing your seatbelt. If it doesn't illuminate at ignition, your safety belt system may have malfunctioned. For your safety, never drive without seatbelts.
  • Rear Differential Oil Temperature Warning Light: This light says "R. DIFF TEMP," and will turn on if your rear differential oil is overheating. When this happens, pull your car over at the next opportunity and have your car examined.
  • Power Steering Warning Light: This light is a steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it. It will illuminate if your power steering has failed. Call your Subaru dealer for inspection as soon as possible.
  • Oil Pressure Warning Light: Depicted as an oil can, this light indicates that the lubrication system isn't working properly and your car needs engine oil. Schedule an oil change right away.
  • Door Open Warning Light: This light looks like a car with open doors, and indicates that one or more of your doors is ajar. If you've already started driving, pull over right away and shut all doors.
  • Charge Warning Light: This light appears as a battery and turns on when your charging system has malfunctioned. Be sure to have your battery and charging system looked at immediately.
  • Brake System Warning Light: Depicted as an exclamation point inside a circle, this light indicates that there's a problem with either your brake system or your electronic brakeforce distribution. In both cases, driving will be hazardous. Schedule maintenance as soon as possible.

Yellow Lights

Yellow lights, unlike red lights, may not require immediate attention. But they do indicate problems that should be looked at very soon. For your caution, address them at the first opportunity.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid Indicator: This light looks like a windshield with a stream of fluid spouting from it. It turns on when your windshield washer fluid is low. Have your fluid replenished very soon.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control Warning Light: This light appears as a car driving a curved road, and indicates that your Vehicle Dynamics Control has malfunctioned. This will greatly reduce vehicle safety. Have your Vehicle Dynamics Control examined as soon as you can.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning Light: Depicted as an exclamation point inside of brackets, this indicator will illuminate when the pressure of one or more of your tires is low. Consult your manual for pressure levels, and fill tires at the next opportunity.
  • Low Fuel Warning Light: This light looks like a fuel pump, and indicates that your gas level is low. Refuel right away.
  • Hill Start Assist Warning Light: This light appears as a vehicle climbing an incline, and will illuminate if your Hill Start Assist has failed. Call your Subaru dealer right away to have it examined.
  • Engine Oil Level Low Indicator: Depicted as an oil can over liquid, this light will turn on when your engine oil starts to get low. Schedule an oil change soon.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning Light: This light looks like a thermometer submerged in liquid. If your coolant temperature is low and the engine can't sufficiently heat up, it'll turn blue. If your coolant is overheating, it'll turn red. In either case, you'll want to pull over and give your engine a rest. Call for service right away.
  • Check Engine Warning Light:The words "CHECK ENGINE" will appear if one or more engine functions have misfired. Steady illumination or blinking could indicate a serious problem. Have your engine checked as soon as possible.
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Warning Light: Appearing as the letters "AWD," this light turns on when there's an error with your AWD system. It can also be triggered by problems in your tires. Have your vehicle examined soon.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Warning Light: Depicted as the letters "ABS" inside a circle, this light will turn on if your ABS has malfunctioned. Call your Subaru dealer for an inspection right away.

 Need More Information?

Neglecting your lights can cause serious damage to your vehicle. If a Subaru Impreza dashboard symbol appears and you're not certain what it means, don't hesitate to call our team at Winner Subaru or schedule a service appointment online. We want all our customers in the Middletown, Odessa, and Dover areas to be safe. 

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