The Delaware History Trail Guide

The Delaware History Trail is a terrific way to explore the history of our great nation. Visit sites on the trail to travel back in time through the history of the state by visiting one-of-a-kind museums, discovering beautiful architecture, and exploring gorgeous estates. 

Download your passport online and get started visiting the 36 historic sites included on the trail. Once you’ve filled out your passport with at least 18 of the sites, you’ll receive a copy of the limited-edition book, Landmarks and Legacies, featuring stunning photographs and interesting information about the history of Delaware and its significance to the nation. Some of our favorite sites on the trail include:

The Green

Dover, Delaware

For a relaxing afternoon, head to The Green, which has been the heart of the historic city of Dover since it was established by William Penn in 1683. Many noteworthy events have occurred on the green, most notably the ratification of the United States Constitution at the Golden Fleece Tavern in 1787, making Delaware the first state to approve the new plan of government. The Green is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings to explore, such as the Old State House.

Hagley Museum and Library

Wilmington, Delaware

A look at early American industry, the Hagley Museum is home to the ironworks founded by the Du Pont family in 1802. Explore the restored mills, workers’ community, and the lovely ancestral home and gardens of the Du Pont family. Simply wander through the lush gardens or opt for a guided tour of the property. Hagley’s library focuses upon the study of business and technology in America, illustrating the impact of business on society.

Smyrna Museum

Smyrna, Delaware

The Smyrna Museum is home to an 18th century building that represents common architecture found in colonial rural Delaware. Right next door is the Georgian brick structure known as “The Barracks,” which was constructed in the 1790s and once served as a family home. The former residence is furnished with authentic homewares dating back to the Early Federal to Late Victorian eras. In 1863 during the Civil War, Delaware’s first Draft Lottery was held in this historic building. 

Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library

Wilmington, Delaware

This grand former home of Henry Francis DuPont features 175 rooms full of incredible decorative arts, historical furnishings, antiques, and architecture. Explore the authentically and lavishly decorated rooms or the art galleries, which are often updated with different exhibits and features. Many different guided tours of the mansion are available, some as long as four hours, as there is so much to see. Visit the 1,000-acre gardens to experience the carefully chosen plants that bloom successively from January to November. No matter when you visit, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous fusing of art and nature.

Visit the Delaware History Trail

These sites are just a small selection of all that the Delaware history trail has to offer. Download your free passport now, and immerse yourself in the history of Delaware and its effect upon our nation.

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