10 Ways to Tell You’re Born & Raised in Delaware

Hailing from the first state gives you bragging rights, no matter where you are. When you meet out-of-staters, you may feel like you’re misunderstood. Regardless, you don’t have to explain yourself because you’re from Delaware! And here’s ten ways to tell that you were born and raised in Delaware.

1. Driving Across the State is No Big Deal

Did you know it takes less than a half hour to drive across the northern tip of Delaware? Delaware may not be as wide as Pennsylvania, but we’re not complaining.

2. Sales Tax Makes You Cringe

Whenever you go out of state, you get frustrated when you have to purchase something because of the dreaded sales tax. You don’t understand why you’re being charged extra, and you can’t wait to go home and save money.

3. You Don’t Know What to Say When People Ask You Where You’re From

Whenever you’re out of state, whether at college or on vacation, someone will ask you where you’re from. You know that “Philly” sounds a lot simpler than Northern Delaware, so you just go with it. Just hope that you don’t get caught in a conversation about sports.

4. Real Pizza Has a Swirl

You don’t care what anyone from Philly or New York says, but Grotto’s Pizza is the best. Whenever you have any other pizza, it tastes like stale cardboard. If there’s not a swirl on the pizza, you hold your nose as you eat it.

5. When You Think of Domestic Beer, Only One Name Comes To Mind

Sure, beer is great, but for some reason, you can’t enjoy it unless it’s Dogfish Head. Despite being a local beer, it has grown in popularity, and whenever an out-of-state friend is sucking back on a 60 Minute IPA, you smile a little bit.

6. Only One Season Matters

If you were born and raised in Delaware, then you know that fall is the most important season. You even look forward to it the first week of winter. While Halloween and Thanksgiving are great, you’re more concerned with Punkin Chunkin. Nothing helps the leaves change like catapulting pumpkins across an empty field.

7. Your Loyalty to Uncle Joe

You may not be crazy about politics, but a knock at Joe Biden is like an insult to your family. You’ll defend that man to the death despite never having met him.

8. You Know Your “Real” Out-Of-State Friends

It’s always nice when your out-of-state friends come to visit. However, they could be using you as an excuse for tax-free booze, cigarettes, or lottery tickets.

9. Dewey Beach is the Only Vacation Spot

Whenever someone says the words “vacation” or “beach,” you immediately think of Dewey Beach. You don’t bother with any other shore.

10. UD is the Only School That Matters

Sure, you’ve heard of Harvard and Yale, but they’re not as good as University of Delaware. No matter what your major was, you received a better education than anybody else—period.  



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