Back to School Safe Driving Tips.
Read on with us to find out more about how to drive safer when it's school season, whether you are often traveling into the Capital School District's school territory or not! Honestly, with so many schools in the area, from the Primary and Middle schools all the way up to Dover High School, it's time to implement some safe driving tips, experienced drivers and new ones alike! We here at Winner Subaru are doing Our part in heartily recommending that drivers work to help keep families and school children safe! These aren't in any particular order, because they are all important, but take a read and see if you learn a thing or two!

Elementary but Essential: Yield to the School Bus.
Obviously, NEVER pass a school bus while its red lights are flashing and the Stop sign bar is out (or if either of them is deployed, really). That means that children are entering or exiting the bus, and could come around either side of the bus or from out from a yard at just the wrong moment. Unless you can see through a bus (you can't) or you are driving a huge pillow around town (you aren't) - stop and wait behind the bus. People seem to justify that they can pass on the right (or left) of the bus due to this street having more room than the street before, or if they just go 2 miles-per-hour, or other such incorrect ideas. You don't want to have to explain this to an officer, nevermind a community of upset parents. It's illegal and there are cameras everywhere in Delaware, including students' hands, so think twice. Furthermore, try not to tailgate a bus as they make regular and occasionally sudden stops. Remember, just like a tractor-trailer, if you cannot see the driver in the side mirror - they cannot usually see you. Busses also have the right-of-way when there is a merge happening, so do not take a "get ahead of them" mindset.

Keep an Eye Out For Bikes.
We may all know the right-of-way rules at this point but there are sometimes things that get away from the best of us. Children on bikes may be very new riders, have earphones in, or lose control through no fault of their own. Give them a wider path than you might for yourself if you were riding the bike instead, and slow down when approaching them from behind. That goes for intersections as well, slow down a bit and make sure you know what they are doing before attempting to go around them or crossing their path on a turn. This may seem obvious, but this rule applies to those on skateboards, scooters, roller-blades, and those with their younger siblings on tricycles!

Go the Speed Limit Posted in a School Zone!
Speed limits lower for a reason in school zones, and it's not just to get an easy ticket - it's statistically proven to cut down on accidents and the severity of any accidents that do happen. All kinds of distracting things are going on in a school environment, and some roads don't even have sidewalks for kids to walk on consistently. Bus stops can get unruly with games of tag or hopscotch, keep an eye out near those as well. It doesn't hurt to hover over the brake pedal rather than the gas pedal and ensure you do a complete stop at crosswalks as needed. If you really need to grab some groceries in a hurry plan to take the alternate route away from the school!

New Drivers Need Patient Fellow Drivers.
We all were new to driving at some point, and having someone right on your back bumper honking like a maniac does not usually make for good, smart driving! Understand that this may be only the 25th time they have had to merge into traffic from a yield sign, for instance, and there may be some seemingly unneeded stops or false starts. On the other hand, a car full of multi-tasking, excited personalities in the parent's ex-car is also something We see out there on the busy streets of Dover, and that has its own dangers. Back up so you are ready to react, and only give a short (and friendly) double-honk if needed.

Reduce Phone Distractions
Stop texting and driving, period. If you do it, new drivers will learn that it's okay, no matter what you say. Find a good spot, pull over and finish texting, then safely resume your way. Pull into a parking lot or other safer spot than the side of the highway if you can. This also goes for dialing numbers on the phone, checking voice mail (if anyone still does that), playing games, or watching a movie while driving. You can replay a movie, but other things, you can't.

Stay Safe All!
Over here at Winner Subaru in Delaware, we want everyone to have a great school year and safe driving experience! To that end, take a look at our inventory of safety-feature-filled New Subaru models if you like! We hope these tips have helped and look forward to hearing from you, anytime, give us a call!

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